Exploring Abergavenny

During 2012 – 2016 volunteers from the Abergavenny and District Civic Society studied the streets, spaces and buildings of Abergavenny and Mardy outside the town centre (already the subject of a County Council appraisal).

The process is known as ‘characterisa­tion’, defined by the Welsh Government as ‘capturing the local distinctiveness by identifying how places have been shaped over time’, and the study started as a pilot project with the Civic Trust for Wales.

This unique record of what makes each part of our town distinctive, and often rather special, increases our awareness of the qualities that need to be considered and respected when new development is proposed.   We hope that the planning authority will take note of our survey and take account of our views.

We also hope that our studies will increase residents’ under­standing and appreciation of their town, encourag­ing them to take an active interest in how change is managed in the future, or perhaps to conduct more research into aspects of the town’s development – and of course to join the Civic Society

The following pages are the outcome of the study.  We would welcome further contributions from residents of the town or anyone else with an interest in its past and future.

  • Have we made any mistakes?
  • Can you add to the history of the area?
  • Do you agree with our impressions of the area?
  • What have we missed that should have been recorded?

A printed copy of Exploring Abergavenny can be viewed at Abergavenny Library.

Comments may be sent to abercivsoc@gmail.com.

To find the areas that interest you please refer to the following map and list of numbered reports:

1 avenue 2 belgravia 3 brecon 4 cantref 5 chapel 6 croesonen 7 danyderi 08 east grofield 9 fosterville 10 glangavenny 11 heol hamlin 12 hereford road 13 hillside 14 holywell 15 lansdown 16 llwynu 17 maesyllarwydd 18 majorsbarn 19 mill street 20 monmouth road 21 North Mardy 22 old mardy 23 ostringen 24 park crescemt 25 park east 26 park west 27 pen y fal 28 penypound 29 plas derwen 30 ross road 31 south mardy 32 station road 33 western road 34 west grofield 35 ysbytty 36 ysguborwen
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