Our Monthly Meetings


All meetings are held at 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise) and held at the Methodist Church Hall, Castle Street.

If you need any assistance getting to our meetings or would like to find out more about our monthly emails please email us at

Meetings are free to members. Non members are very welcome though we ask for a £2 contribution. Tea and coffee is served before the meeting begins for a small fee.

Once again we find ourselves with no shortage of topics to choose from for the coming year’s programme of meetings. We hope you like it and, if you have suggestions for other topics, please let us know. As always some flexibility is required to accommodate issues/topics that arise.


11 September – Patrick Hannay – Architecture: State of the Welsh Nation
Following devolution in 1997 how has Wales done with regard to commissioning fine architecture since that time? Patrick Hannay who has been editor of Touchstone, the magazine for architecture in Wales, takes an illustrated overview of a remarkable story.

9 October – AGM followed by Richard Suggett – Senior Investigator of Historic Buildings at The Royal Commission and also active in the Civic Movement
Richard Suggett will look at Medieval Wall paintings of Wales with some stunning local examples plus the work of the Royal Commission.

13 November – What will a ‘21st Century school’ look like in Abergavenny?
A chance to hear from, and talk with, Will McLean, Chief Officer of Children and Young People, who will discuss plans for Abergavenny as part of the 21st Century schools project.

11 December – ‘Grandma’s gadgets’ with Don Balkwill
Local legend and regular Abergavenny Chronicle contributor Don Balkwill joins us with his collection of wonderful yet unusual objects. Don will be asking members to guess the use of these intriguing objects, informing and entertaining as he gives the proper explanation. Mulled fruit punch and seasonal nibbles will provide festive cheer.

January 2018 – an opportunity to get together and socialise over lunch – date tbc

12 February – Professor George Nash, internationally renowned Archaeologist, returns to entertain us on the amazing finds that were uncovered beneath the market hall including indications of a Bronze Age Settlement and links to Roman Abergavenny.

12 March – Alan Bowring, geologist with the Brecon Beacons National Park, will explore the rocky landscapes of the Abergavenny area with insights into the origins of the various sandstones, limestones and mudstones to be seen, together with the relatively recent sculpting of this landscape by ice. Geological change continues today courtesy of nature- and man!

9 April –Abergavenny Food Festival
Aine Morris, Chief Executive of Abergavenny Food Festival will talk about the 20th Anniversary Festival and present a view of the future.

14 May – What does the future hold for our museum?
Rachael Rogers, Manager of Monmouthshire Museums Service, will enlighten members on the recent project to develop outdoor events at Abergavenny castle and the future of the museums service if it becomes part of an independent trust.

11 June – How an idea can take wings and fly – Bettina Reeves
Visitors to Abergavenny market hall audibly gasp with delight when they look up and see the wonderful, awe inspiring art installations. Bettina Reeves, a theatre designer and costume lecturer combines her love of textiles, puppetry and sculptural elements in her work and, helped by a small army of volunteers, delights us with new ‘hangings’ every year. Come and learn how this magic is created.


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